• Helps to restore healthy thyroid hormone levels
  • Supports healthy thyroid activity & function
  • Encourages healthy metabolism & body weight
  • Promotes energy (ATP), motivation & concentration
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One of ingredient in Hyperthyright is Lemon balm This herb is historically referred to as the gladdening herb. In vitro studies have confirmed this herb has the ability to block TSH receptors and inhibit both binding of bovine TSH to human thyroid tissue and binding of autoantibodies in Graves disease. This herb will decrease thyroid hormone levels and symptoms connected with hyperthyroidism; Lemon balm works to block the antibiotics in the thyroid that increase hormone level receptors.

Second ingredient used in Hyperthyright is Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) is also another herb that is highly appropriate for symptomatic relief in hyperthyroid disease. Chemical analytical and animal studies confirm the herb sedative anxiolytic, antiarrhythmic and antispasmodic effects. The German Commission E supports the use of motherwort for the treatment of cardiac disorders associated with anxiety and for the symptomatic relief of hyperthyroidism.


Lemon Balm

Used since ancient times to calm the heart and the body, lemon balm with its delicate lemony flavor uplifts the spirit and any culinary dish it is added to. It has been used to sweeten jam, jellies, as an addition to salad, and as a flavoring for various fish and poultry dishes and liqueurs. Further, lemon balm is used for making perfumes, in cosmetics, and in furniture polish manufacturing. It is often found as a tea in combination with other relaxing herbs such as valerian, as an essential oil, and also in ointments for topical applications.


Motherwort is a mint with dull green, hairy leaves and an intensely bitter taste. The botanical name Leonurus refers to a fanciful resemblance of the leaves to a lion’s tale. One rather odd Hindu tale relates that if you make a tea of motherwort and add it to the laundry when you wash your socks and underwear, you will bring peace to your home.


Eleuthero is best known as being an adaptogen and has been part of the herbal repertoire in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It was also used in Korean and Russian folk medicine, not only for increasing stamina but for promoting overall health. Russian researchers brought attention to this impressive root in the 1960’s at which point its fame spread to the West. It can now be found lining the shelves in most health food stores in North America.


Squeeze .75 ml ½ vial for 2oz. bottle ( vial for 4oz. bottle) under the tongue and hold for up to 5 minutes before swallowing.

2 – 3 times per day


Hyperthyright helps the thyroid to produces hormones that are critical for energy, metabolism, healthy weight management and brain health.

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